Kauai, Hawaii – Private Art Exhibition in Hululani Luxury House – Divine Feminine Gathering Retreat, Sept.2018

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Hululani Luxury House, located in Princeville North Shore of Kauai ¨Garden Isle¨, Hawaii.

Stella Maris® Divine Feminine Retreat on Kauai, by Adena Tryon. Sept. 2018

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Kauai experience was so wonderful, and the gathering with the other women was totally profound and special, beyond the words. Soul sisters, lot of harmony and affinity. We made offerings with flowers to mother earth, lot of stories and wisdom shared together.

The Hawaiian fruits !!! exotic and juicy… and the ocean!!! I made my first snorkeling, I loved. I swam with turtles! and we saw dolphins too.

Immediately I arrived, Adena came to pickup me from the airport and embraced me with a ¨LEI ¨a Hawaiian flower necklace, then we went directly to the shore. I submerged my self in a calm sea with my LEI, a sunrise  with golden rays reflecting over the ancient water of Lemuria remembering’s… a totally surreal atmosphere… but was real!

It´s so amazing all the beauty of the creation surrounding us…

Full of flowers outstanding, colors, rainbows… wild sea, the salt and the sand under my feet…. mountains and nature is so open and awake! sweet water springs next to the ocean, caves … the farmers market!!! the coconut water!!!! Elixir…

Orchids grew from the trunk of the palms with ferns that looked like hair moving by the wind … it seemed goddesses of nature there, camouflaged, looking us in silence trough the Nature Kingdoms…

Full moon and Equinox…

can imagine… I returned full of inspiration!!

The hole trip, so far, was really a portal for me. A huge experience. I feel very grateful.

I elevate my deep Blessings and Thanks, specially to Adena Tryon and Hululani sacred home, that hosted the magical journey… days and nights on Kauai.