BOOK – Stella Maris Speaks ¨Dolphin Wisdom for a New World¨ – Autor Adena Tryon

September 20, 2017 First Edition – Adena Tryon: Autor, Florencia Burton: Illustrator

After swimming with wild dolphins, Adena began receiving messages from angelic dolphin beings who called themselves Stella Maris. This book shares their light messages, dolphin wisdom, and healing blessings for humanity. Stella Maris invites us to remember our special connection and to work together with them to heal our world.

Dive into the waters of oneness with these delightful divine messengers who offer their support from the higher realms. The book begins with Adena’s extraordinary account of how she connected with dolphin consciousness and began receiving messages from Stella Maris. The introduction includes her first messages, guidelines on working with the book, scientific information on the dolphin species, and a Stella Maris Glossary.

In the first half of the book, Stella Maris speaks directly to the reader, sharing their important messages as a collective. The name Stella Maris means Starlights of the Sea, signifying their role as light beings in service to the Divine Mother Source of all life. They speak of the Stella Maris High Council, which also includes Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Queen A’Mara. A high council is a group of light messengers and ascended masters who have gathered together to help support the awakening of unity consciousness on Earth. Stella Maris introduces the first 13 messengers of their pod, with each dolphin carrying a unique healing gift and resonance.

Stella Maris shares the medicine of the divine feminine. They speak about the Beauty Way, a way of life that is returning from the divine feminine lineage that anchors love and light on Earth. The divine feminine paradigm recognizes the inherent divinity of every being and our web of connection, and considers the good of the whole. They speak of the importance of humanity shifting from the “I” paradigm to a “We” consciousness.

Stella Maris reveals our role as light activators, a term they use to describe all beings who have volunteered to anchor more love and light on Earth. They share three types: Luminars (light workers who have returned to Earth many times in service), Crystars (the youngest beings who are new to the Earth), and Solstars (animal and other sentient being light workers). All light activators are here to work together to heal the world.

Stella Maris explains the concept of Starseeds, where they come from, and how they are here to bloom a new consciousness as New World Imagineers on Earth. They share how we can create a new world through the power of our collective consciousness, imagination, and divinely guided action.

Dolphins are multi-dimensional beings, and Stella Maris can appear in both physical and angelic form. They share how dolphins are stationed at key energetic points around the world to anchor love and unity consciousness. Their healing vibrations and sounds travel through the water element to offer blessings throughout the world.

In the second half, individual Stella Maris members share personal messages, guided meditations, healing activations, scrolls of affirmations, and ways to integrate positive changes in daily life. Travel to ancient Greece with Theseus, visit an underwater crystal temple with Ama, and receive the vision of a peaceful Earth with Kaleosi. Learn how to connect with the living element of water for your healing and the healing of the world with Mahadra. The Stella Maris children offer you the powers of joy, love, light, play, and laughter to restore your inner children. They speak of how the power of children is essential to the healing and creation of our new paradigm. Discover dolphin knowledge of brain and energy alignment and how light language and sacred symbols can heal. Travel to the Stella Maris temple in the Pleiades with Queen A’Mara.

Visionary art from Florencia Burton beautifully synchronizes with the words of Stella Maris, creating a truly transformative book.

¨Adena is a divine feminine teacher, healer, water ceremonialist, and modern day priestess who embraces the Beauty Way. After 17 years of serving clients as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she created her own intuitive approach to guiding others. Adena has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, is a graduate of Feminine Power Mastery, a Certified SoulCollage™ Facilitator, and is a Certified Angel Card Reader.She writes about her adventures and inspirations in her Live the Beauty Way™ blog


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