– 2018 – Gathering at Clock Tower – International Woman Day Bariloche Patagonia Argentina

8th march 2018, in the middle morning, Florencia Burton gathered eleven women to walk upstairs the clock tower of the City Bariloche in Patagonia Argentina.

Some weeks before, Florencia had been invited to go up to the Clock Tower, to exhibit her art there. Her surprise was, when finding herself above, she discovers the heart of the clock with all its gears that is in a showcase, the great bronze bell that like a bowl emits an incredible vibration being so close to it. The hall of the tower is totally perpendicular and the clocks are four, giving their time towards the four directions. With the roof in tip, like a perfect ship to meditate and to emit intentions to the city and like a Lighthouse to unite with our feelings to the rest of the planet...

… the day of the Woman had arrived. Together, the eleven women initiate a ceremony waiting for the eleven rings of the big bell over their heads. Up on the tower already four artworks of women with her eyes closed emanating a meditation atmosphere.

more coming soon…


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